Fortune Cookie Charm Polymer Clay Tutorial

Fortune Cookie Charm Polymer Clay Tutorial

These polymer clay fortune cookie charms are a quick, easy, and super cute project. I attached my charms to key chains (for sale in my Etsy store) but you could make them smaller for necklaces or larger for window hangs. I carry one on my key chain and fall more in love with it every time I open a door.

Make your own by following my fortune cookie polymer clay tutorial. 

Things you need:

Polymer Clay- I used Fimo sahara, metallic gold, cherry red, and white

Round cookie cutter

Head pin

Rolling pin (optional)

Jewelry flat and round pliers

1.cut the circle   Flatten a piece of tan polymer clay slightly larger than your circle cookie cutter. I blended Fimo sahara
with a smidge of Fimo metallic gold
to get the color and a Sculpey rolling-pin
to flatten my clay.

2.folding the fortune cookie polymer clay charmsFold your clay circle up like a taco pressing the top of the taco together gently. Then, using a round tool (clay tool, chopstick, pen) indent the bottom center of the taco. Use your fingers to squeeze the sides towards each other to create the cookie shape.

3.fortune paperNow it’s time to make your fortune. Take a small piece of white clay and shape it into a nice chunky rectangle. Thin fortunes are fragile and will break off so make sure its got some meat on its bones. For your heart, roll out a tiny ball of red clay. Shape one side like a triangle and use a pin to indent the other side to make it look like a heart. Press the heart onto the white clay. Open one side of your cookie slightly to slip the fortune in and then press the cookie closed to secure.

4. head pinAnd finally, add your head pin (not an eye pin)  so that the cookie can be used as a charm. Insert the pin into the crease of the cookie and feed through to the top towards the back. Then bake @ 230 degrees for 15 minutes. Once your cookie has cooled use jewelers tools to close your head pin into a loop. Here is a good video showing how to close a head pin.

Want more polymer clay tutorials? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Emily Chui says:

    This is so cute and it looks so doable, I’m going to give this a try!

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